Raapimarulla 20cm

5,25  5,25 

Kissojen raapimarulla 20x9x9cm



Happy Pet Pahvinen Claw n Roll raapimarulla 20x9x9cm
Hauska raapimarulla kissalle leikkeihin.
– Pitää tassut ja kynnet kunnossa
– Interaktiivinen raapimislelu
– Sisältää kissanminttua



Cardboard Scratch Mats have become a firm favorite of cat owners due to the enjoyment cats get out of sinking their claws into the corrugated cardboard shapes and lack of mess products. The Claw ‘n’ Roll Scratch Pad by Paw Pads is part of a collection of contemporary cat furniture designed to provide optimum fun and comfort for cats and comes complete with a sachet of catnip to encourage use. Keeps paws & claws healthy Interactive cat scratcher Catnip included Size 20x9x9cm


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